Sunday, October 30, 2016

Coffee and culture in Bogotá
(...but mostly coffee)

I slipped out of our East Lansing apartment while Geronimo was asleep. It’s not difficult to do. He’s a heavy sleeper.

I was on my way to Bogota to see Julia. Yes, this Julia. 

It had been six weeks since we had last seen each other, so it was nice to be together again.


Bogota is a wonderful city.

We ate. 

Everything was delicious. Except for the one time Julia mistakenly ordered fish loaf. 
[no photo available. you're welcome]

We biked. Some of the main streets are closed to traffic on Sundays. It was a great way to get to know the city.

We hung out at cool coffee shops.

We celebrated Colombian arts and culture (e.g., outdoor artworks, Botero Museum, National Museum, Modern Family reruns).


I gave a fake lecture at the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cultural Center that went over better than expected.


Bogota is a great city. It's an interesting, walkable, caffeine-driven city. And yes, it's safe.

I returned home to a wide awake Geronimo.

I decided not to tell him that we had met another cat.

(Thanks Ann for taking care of GMO while I was gone.)

This guest blog was brought to you by Brian.


Julia M. said...

Thanks, Brian, for posting! It was fun! And I found your fake lecture riveting.
p.s. You're so mercurial.

cg said...

Charming as ever, Brian! :) Your guest lecture looked well-attended. Let's do dinner once we are all back in the same time zone! :)

Brian Collins said...

@Julia Thanks for being my copy editor! This was fun.

@cg Thanks! Looking forward to dinner when J is back.

slmcanal said...

Sounds like a nice reunion. Your post is fun; like reading a children's picture book. What was the lecture about? Did you giving in Espanol?

A said...

I'm pretty sure Geronimo wanted to go on the road trip, too! Or, maybe he's waiting on the big move...