Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The cats of İstanbul

There are cat cities and there are dog cities. Like Rome, Istanbul is a cat city. The ubiquitous felines lend to the character of the city as much as the imposing mosques, palaces, and bazaars. In Cihangir -- the neighborhood of Istanbul where I stayed last weekend -- the cats might as well have passports and pay taxes, as they often act and are treated like full-fledged (human) citizens. Two years ago I was in a small town in northern Russia for a week and got in the habit of feeding the town strays. In Istanbul I fit right in as one among hundreds feeding local cats.

Here’s a selection of my favorite Istanbul cats.

Cats outdoors...

Cats on (hot tin?) roofs...

Cats indoors...

This cat posed for pictures inside
the Hagia Sophia for hours.
Istanbul also has its fair share of dogs.

For good measure, here are a few pictures of Istanbul, a city well worth visiting.

The Hagia Sophia

The Blue Mosque

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