Sunday, February 6, 2011

At the grocery store

The supermarket chain Ashan is sort of like the Russian version of WalMart (except that Ashan is French-owned).

Let's take a little tour and see what we find...

Milk! Un-refrigerated! In bags!!

Russians do pretty much everything they can with dairy products. In this picture there are three different kinds of "sour milk" products: kefir (which you may have heard of), ryazhenka, and prostokvashino. I'm still working out what each of these is, exactly, and stick to kefir and yogurt for the most part.

Every type of grain you'd ever want... and more. I've learned new words for grains in English after living in Russia. One meal where all of these grains typically appear is Russian breakfast, specifically in porridge. In the US we have oatmeal and that's about it (well, there is also Cream of Wheat but I'm not sure what that is.. wait, yes I do, it's wheat porridge!). The word kasha means porridge in Russian. There's ovsyanaya kasha = oat porridge, grechnevaya kasha = buckwheat porridge, pshennaya kasha = millet porridge, mannaya kasha = semolina porridge, wheat porridge, rye porridge, rice porridge, etc. I like buckwheat and semolina the best.

Now, I don't want to be too cliché about Russia, but there is an entire vodka aisle at Ashan...

Moving on to the frozen foods section we have a popular brand of pelmeni, or little meat dumplings, sort of ravioli-esque.

And meat-filled blini, or pancakes/crepes.

And let's not forget about dessert! For special occasions, there's cake.

But for everyday tea-time, candy's just dandy (I know, I know, grooooaan).

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katiejane said...

This is a really funny post. I love seeing grocery stores in other countries!