Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm dreaming of a white... Halloween?

It snowed twice this week. Allow me to remind you that no fewer than two months ago -- mid August -- we were in the throes of a record-breaking heat wave in Central Russia. Now, this:

(This week's single blog photo is sort of a cop-out; it's recycled from a facebook posting.)

The snow's not sticking yet. But I'm anticipating a white Halloween.

Meanwhile I've been plugging away on job applications (mostly for postdocs) and remaining bits and pieces of my dissertation. But this is a frightfully boring topic to blog about, so I'll write about something else I did today: drive around Moscow! Yes, that's right, I was behind the wheel of my hosts' car, which is a stick shift without power steering. I managed to transport four of us, including the two kids (who, ahem, were not wearing seatbelts), to a botanical garden and back unscathed. Was this legal? Who knows. Was it scary? Sort of, but also quite an adventure. But more on driving in Moscow, including weird laws and other behaviors, in another blog. Right now I'm rather exhausted.

Speaking of Halloween, I'm bound and determined to celebrate on October 31st this year, contrary to my usual apathy for the holiday, and also despite the fact that Halloween is not such a big holiday here in Russia (it seems to be more of a tradition in English-speaking countries).

I am now taking suggestions for Halloween costumes. A prize will be awarded to most creative, economical and weather-appropriate suggestion!


Junsui said...

As for Halloween, I have two suggestions: 1)Anna Karenina when she meets Vronsky on the train and it's snowing? You can wear a big coat and perhaps a fur cap, all while looking tragically beautiful and screwing up your eyes (it's all about your ability to прищуриваться)....or 2) Kitty when Levin sees her ice-skating in Moskva? Both seem appropriate and affordable! :) Personally, I want to be Mary Poppins.

Julia M. said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I especially like the Kitty as ice-skater idea. Now to find the time to put the costume together...

And Mary Poppins is brilliant! If it rains you'll have an umbrella :)