Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fluffy Blue Marshmallow

A fluffy blue marshmallow is what I feel like in my winter coat. I'm having trouble getting used to the fact that in October I need to wear my winter coat. Russia's a serious place, yes it is.

I can't write much more today because I am drowning in work and exhausted. A whole slew of job and postdoc deadlines are rapidly approaching and I'm falling more and more behind with each word I type in this blog...

And I also need to figure out how to register to vote by absentee ballot before tomorrow's deadline. I must do my part to ensure that tea party wackos aren't running the government when I am back in the US.


cfbartus said...

(1) I wouldn't worry about the Tea Party. Something tells me that San Fran is safe.

(2) Is blue the new lipstick color in Russia, or is it that cold?

(3) As for Halloween... Anna Chapman?


Christine said...

I think you look awesome. And, for some reason, blue marshmallows sound pretty great, too. The Tea Party is probably not a treat in Berkeley, but they are here. There are people with yard signs saying to vote, not for a candidate, but along the lines of this crazy radio station. You know... The Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck station.

patentexaminer said...

Your lips arrrreee blue!! What have I gotten myself into?

Julia M. said...

Chuck & A -- I don't think my lips were actually blue, though it was quite chilly that day. The pic was taken on a camera phone and I think the colors aren't quite right.

Chuck-I didn't dress as AC, but nice idea for a last-minute cop-out costume.

Christine-I commiserate, but we should be glad that the Rally to Restore (in)sanity went so well, ya?

A-you'll be too drunk to notice how cold you are.