Sunday, August 22, 2010

Now back to our regularly scheduled program

Summer, quite suddenly, is over. The temperature has dropped. Russians are no longer bathing in fountains. The fires are extinguished. Moscow is no longer blanketed in smoke.

Relics of summer lurk around. Such as jars of pickles from the garden at the dacha.

Yep, everything's more or less back to normal. I'm in Moscow. I go back and forth between the library and/or cafes, working diligently on my dissertation. And so I'm also going to get back into posting blogs on Sundays. A promise I'll probably break in two weeks when I go to a conference in Vilnius, Lithuania. Modification: I'll try to get back into posting blogs on Sundays.


Christine said...

I love that jar of pickles. Almost too pretty to eat. Almost... Glad you're back. And, to everybody who reads this blog, you're welcome.

cg said...

CHRIS! HAHAHA! :) You are my hero! Jules, glad to hear things are cooling down and that you are getting some writing done. Good luck & God speed!

Julia M. said...

You have always been a humble one, Chris ;) Now it's so cool (and rainy) here that it's officially fall. I CAN'T WAIT until I can start complaining about cold weather! ;-)

Junsui said...

Hi, Julia! How exciting to find a network of Berkeley blogs (although, due to my blog, I can't say I'm as diligent about the dissertation as I should be...)! And I love that jar of pickles. Despite Russia being Russia (sorry, I'm biased!), it looks like you're having an awesome time! :)