Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moscow Burning

I trained back to Moscow on Sunday morning and was greeted by the infamous smog. I suppose I didn't really have to come back to Moscow, but I wanted to pick up some of my stuff. I was also a wee bit curious about how bad things are here. And there may have been another reason or two for coming back...

Whatever my reasons, I can now say firsthand that Moscow is not pretty. Case in point:

I am now entering self-declared pseudo-refugee status and fleeing Moscow tomorrow afternoon. Where to? Back north, but this time to a small historical city, often touted as Russia's first capital. A little place called Staraya Ladoga. I seek cooler temperatures, cleaner air, peace, and some points of historical interest.

I am also now declaring a blog-writing hiatus. It may not be for long, but I need a little break as I've recently been finding it difficult to post weekly and my new refugee status is upping the ante on this. I know, I know, I haven't even blogged properly about Novgorod yet. But you get the idea: archaeology, linguistics, old stuff, etc. etc.

Oh, all right -- here, I'm adding a couple more pictures from another excavation site I visited last week in settlement a bit south of Novgorod called Gorodische. I didn't dig there, but I still thought it was cool to observe and visit. And this group is more hard core than the Novgorod crew: they live in tents during the dig, whereas the Novgorod archaeological team gets to live in a dormitory (how posh!☺).

You know what, I'll up the ante on you here for a moment. I'll make a little game for you. If you guess what inspired the title of my blog I'll post again in a week. And while I'm sure there's lots of things "Moscow Burning" could have been based on, I had just one in mind. And it's not even necessarily related to the content of the blog or anything, just what I was thinking of when I typed the words. Go for it. (I'm only doing this because I assume that both a) no one really wants to bother figuring it out and b) no one will guess anyway... but allow me to stand corrected!)


cg said...

Well...I'm more interested in this comment, "And there may have been another reason or two for coming back..." sounds fun. ;)

As for your title, it caught my eye and I was thinking London's Burning...lyrics? Probably too obvious. Glad you are getting out of Moscow. Safe travels. xo

patentexaminer said...

a) smoke a hookah in moscow
b) burn moscow-shaped incense
c) burned eyes from smog!
d) give moscow a put-down (like: Ooohh! Burn! when someone totally rips on you)
e) you burned something on your moscow stove
f) your heart is aflame in moscow!
g) you got a sunburn in moscow
h) moscow is so hot it feels like you're burning up!
i) you burned a picture of moscow because you were mad?

Julia M. said...

Great guesses, but PHEW! I'm still off the hook so far:) I fear you guys are giving my brain too much credit for making logical connections. There's not much of a connection, just a title similarity. So far I get a blog break!!

And yes, as for another reason or two... all in good time...

Christine said...

I even asked Steve what he thought and he couldn't get it. My little brain only came up with "Oh no. Ma's cow (is) burning." Good catch by cg catch of "another reason or two." Hmmm. But you should do what you need to do. Even if it makes me cry....

patentexaminer said...

Is this even a winnable game? Or is it like: what character was on my undies on the fourth day after Christmas vacation of the second grade?!?! Because it's really taking a toll on me. I'm obsessively looking for answers in the media... anything that rhymes or could, together, sound like "Moscow burning"... Take a look at Carri's answer again...? I want your bloggggs!!!

cg said...

Let's do some teamwork here...I think the fact that Jules said "Moscow burning" and not "Moscow'S burning" is telling...

Perhaps something related to her research? Like the possessive form of a pronoun in Slavic linguistics? I think Wikipedia helped us:

"Accusative case denote full coverage. Compare the sentences:
Accusative: "Я выпил воду ("I drank the water," i.e. "I drank all the water, all the water in question")

Translation: ALL of Moscow is burning??

cg said...

I think my Nancy Drew-ing deserves a BLOGGGGGG Julia!!! :)

Sandra said...

I think it's related to the heat... It's very very hot there, no? So is it Hell?
Burning in Hell?
Whatever... I'm just glad you are OUT OF THERE!

Julia M. said...

Somehow I KNEW that if anyone guessed, it'd be Christine. She surreptitiously embedded the correct response in a facebook post today. What is the answer? Mississippi Burning. Great flick. Netflick it if you haven't seen it. it's one of the films that made me want to be a (civil rights) lawyer for many years. But no apparent relation to the blog. Sorry for driving you crazy (Alicia ;) I can't be held accountable for the convoluted networks that formed in my overheated, smoke-filled brain.

I'll blog soon. But I just returned to civilization after 5 and half days with no internet (gasp!) so I need to take care of some stuff first.

Hats off to Chris: maker of random connections, knower of semi-obscure films, and cool person to boot ;)

p.s. commendable effort and runner-up status to Carri, who went so far as to cut and paste Russian into her response. Yes, commendable effort indeed!