Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 27th - August 27th

I haven't blogged much about where and with whom I'm living. All the fires and heat and archaeological expeditions have been taking center stage. So let me bring you up to speed. My Russian family has two parents: Yulya and Andrei, two kids: Tanya (4 & 1/2) and Gosha (almost 3), and until Friday one other American, Emily. But my Russian family is now less one member. Emily just returned to the US after being in Moscow for exactly 1 year: August 27th, 2009 - August 27th, 2010.

We had a small going away dinner for her on Thursday evening. Guess which one is the American? (Hint: she's over 5 and under 30 and smiles wider than everyone else):

The kids - Tanya and Gosha - were very excited about the party:

Now that Emily is gone, here are the remaining members of the family for the year:

You might be thinking -- because I'm sure thinking this - that the picture would be great if it weren't for my hair, which is starting to resemble a mop. I'm growing it out (out of laziness). It's at that stage where I can wear it down and it looks like this, or I can wear it in pigtails and I look... well, sort of like 4-yr-old Tanya (she was really excited the day I wore pigtails because we matched). But that's enough about my hair for now.


patentexaminer said...

The funniest entry ever!! That is so funny to see the family photo with Emily and then it's like an optical illusion... with you. I'm also laughing because I just read in Rick Steve's site about how the Russians don't really smile. And they think your American smile is creepy and insincere... And then these pictures. You look pretty assimilated thought, with your smirk??

Christine said...

Funny comment. I'll be sad, though, if you lose your pretty American smile. The girls are adorable. I'm curious about Russian children. What do they play with? Do they watch TV much? Are they drinking wine?

Sandra said...

Your smirk is hilarious! Like you are about to burst out laughing but are holding it back! I want to see you in pigtails along side of Tanya.
I'm with Chris. Curious about the kids. What do they like to play with and what do they do for fun?

A said...
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Julia M. said...

I haven't stopped smiling. In another "family" photo I was smiling, but Yulya's eyes were closed, soooo...

You guys (family members!) are getting demanding with all your questions! ;) I'll answer them, but all in good time. And now is not good time.

As for coordinating a pig-tailed photo with Tanya -- that sounds like a pain. But I might just be really really tired from conferencing.

Oh and Gosha -- the very blonde one -- is a boy!! They just keep his hair sorta long. ;)