Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm melting! Melting!

Russian summers usually aren't this hot. The temperature's been over 30 degrees Celsius for a couple of weeks now (something like over 85 degrees Fahrenheit). It got even worse this last week: 90 to 95 Fahrenheit every day. And it's humid. And I'm in the middle of a lot of concrete and blacktop. All of Europe is boiling, apparently. I might be complaining even more if I were still in Germany, where the temps have been as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Hrmph.

This is my favorite quote about the heat wave:

"Russians sweltered yesterday in the hottest weather since the Stalin era as droughts caused crop devastation across the country and hundreds drowned in bathing accidents often influenced by alcohol."

Meanwhile, we don't have hot water. Moscow has the tradition of shutting off hot water in each region of the city, one after the other, for two-week-at-a-time intervals during the summer (actually it might not be just Moscow, but all Russian cities that do this...). I'm not sure why they do it. To conserve or to clean the pipes or something like that. We actually have a little heater thing in the shower that the water runs through to heat it up and then drizzle it back out in a very weak stream. So we don't have to take cold showers, there's just very little water pressure. (And, actually, I sort of want to take cold showers in this weather).

Since it's too hot for me to form any more coherent prose right now, I'm going to pull the ol' Russian blogger trick and wow you with some onion domes.

Here's St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square:

And here's a church on the Arkhangelskoe estate outside of Moscow where I went swimming on Friday:


patentexaminer said...

Is it as bad as that day in Prague before I arrived? Remember, you said it was miserable and I was really glad I happened to come a day after because I can't handle the heat? I hope you fare better the rest of the summer.

Christine said...

"Hundreds" in bath deaths. That's a very large number. Hope it cools off soon. On the plus side, the buildings are very pretty.