Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Very Hamburger Weekend

A week has already passed since I was in Hamburg, so it's high time I blogged about it. To answer the question I know is eating away at you -- yes, the American [ahem] delicacy hamburger has its origins in Hamburg. Well, at least the city is its namesake. Hamburger in German is either a noun or adjective meaning someone or something from Hamburg, and seems to have entered English (according to OED) from a dish called hamburger steak, which was shortened to hamburger and refers to what is now a very American and not very German culinary item.

But enough about hamburgers, since I didn't eat any in Hamburg anyway.

Some of Hamburg's more notable attractions include the harbor on the river Elbe. It's one of the biggest ports in Europe and keeps Hamburg a big, busy, and economically prosperous place.

The up-and-coming Warehouse District (Speicherstadt) is further evidence of Hamburg's prosperity:

But Hamburg's not just business. It knows how to have fun too. A Saturday night out in Reeperbahn - Hamburg's red light district - confirmed this for me (though no pictures survived the night that I am willing to post in this blog... mainly because they are very very blurry...)

But my hands-down favorite part of the city was the Sternschanze area. It reminds me a bit of the nice parts of the Mission in San Francisco. Lots of cute places to eat and get coffee. And a big park, sort of like Dolores Park, where people sit outside with their dogs and tattoos and enjoy the sunny weather.

My camera was on some funny setting so Rike and I look a bit like angels, but here we are in the park:

Since returning from Hamburg I've mostly been either working on my presentation for Wednesday or procrastinating. So back to work for a few more days, then... I'll update you on my impending trips to Bologna, Nijmegen (Netherlands), and more!


patentexaminer said...

Was your presentation the only thing you had to do in Leipzig? If so, what are you going to do for the rest of your time there? And how'd the presentation go?

patentexaminer said...

Nevermind, I think you answered all of my questions on facebook. ;)

Julia M. said...

Well, yes, what I said on facebook, but the presentation is really only a small part of my visit. I'm here for a couple of other reasons - to explore avenues for future research, attend some lectures, meet people... in short: network and make connections for future collaborations & jobs!