Sunday, April 18, 2010

It’s Springtime for Julia in Germany

The sun is here – hoorah!

Yeah, sure, volcanic ash from Iceland has swept over Europe causing flights to be canceled for three days straight so far, but I’m not flying anywhere, so it’s not affecting me! And, no, I haven’t noticed any traces of the volcanic ash in the air here, as you can see from these pictures I just took from the window of my apartment:

By the way, I declare this the most unpronounceable natural disaster in history: the name of the volcano is Eyjafjallajoekull.

But back to my more mundane European existence -- the emergence of the sun has allowed me to explore Leipzig a bit more.

I found the farmers' market in the town center on Friday. Well, I don’t know if it can actually be called a farmers' market – last I checked mangos don’t grow in Germany – but a market nevertheless.



Pastry stand popular with the pensioner crowd:

Last week my new anglophone friends from German class introduced me to Südvorstadt or ‘South Suburb’, which is not really a suburb but rather just a separate quarter or neighborhood of Leipzig. It’s the area where the cool kids live and though it may hard to tell from these pictures, it makes my neighborhood look like the ghetto and my building like a Communist tenement. Well… I may be exaggerating a bit, but the two areas really are like night and day (I swear the sky grew more ominous as I approached my building on Oststraße…). If I were living here any longer than two months, I’d definitely move, but for this short visit it’s not worth the trouble (and it’s really not so bad on Ostraße).

Südvorstadt - street shot:

Südvorstadt - an über-hip store & cafe:

Now I'm off to get started on my museum-ing, so you'll get to hear all about Bach and the new Bach museum in Leipzig... or the Neo Rauch exhibit in the art museum that's opening today... or both... in the next blog!

And if you’re getting sick of hearing about Leipzig, and I hope you’re not, but if you are, I’m probably traveling to Hamburg next weekend so I’ll have a new place to blog about. My friend from Czech summer school in 2008, Rike, is coming here on Wednesday for a few days, then it's Hamburg for the weekend. Yay, new adventures!

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