Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trapped in Liepāja

I'm trapped in Liepāja. Where is Liepāja? It's on the western coast of Latvia, on the Baltic sea (check the map I posted below). We (me and my new German friend Verena, who I met in Riga) came here for a night and tried to leave this morning, but it turns out that the only bus to our next destination (Klaipėda, Lithuania - also on the sea) is at 7:40 PM. So I'm not actually trapped here, but here longer than planned.

The town is all right. The real attraction, though, is the beach. A beautiful white sand beach:

(Beach fully equipped with older men in speedos.)

The town might be more interesting on the weekend when tourists arrive and there is more activity at the bars and clubs. But on Monday night the town was quite empty as you can see from third story of the The Rock - the bar/restaurant where we had dinner:

Have I found anything else that makes Latvia unique? Well, this seems to be the most expensive country of the Baltics. I think I already said that its Russian population is larger than in Estonia or Lithuania, so it's quite useful to know Russian here. Once I get to Lithuania (if I EVER get to Lithuania) I'll have more points for comparison.


patentexaminer said...

My brilliant mind surmises one would pronounce Liepaja: Lee-pah-hah... am I right?

Sorry to hear you're stuck. A city can be totally rad until you find out your bus is coming 12 hrs later than planned. And then it becomes the least raddest city ever.

The beach is nice, but what is that guy in the lower right corner doing? It looks like he's having that dream where you realize you've been walking around, giving speeches and stuff, in a speedo.

Julia M. said...

Good question- mostly right about the pronunciation, except that "j" in most Eastern European languages is pronounced like our "y" (as in yes).

A said...

Do you get to complain if you have beer and the beach? :-)

Chris Allen said...

For english speakers... Lee - ya - pie - ya