Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Saunas & Mud Baths

All work and no play makes for a dull trip. Not that I don't like linguistics talks, but it is nice to be done with the conference (and post-conference lectures I've been occupied with for the last two days). My chosen play remedy includes Estonian saunas and mud baths. I already went to the sauna during our post-conference excursion in the countryside of Tartu county. After museums, churches and a picnic, the sauna was very relaxing (as well as a nice escape from mosquitos!) It was pretty much like a Russian banya, which is just a steamy, hot room where you can beat yourself with birch branches if you so desire. I so desired. It wasn't even that weird to share the sauna with a few linguistics professors. Thankfully, though, we split into groups of females & males.

Here's me after the sauna in front of Lake Peipus (very big lake between Estonia & Russia - shown on map below):

Part 2 of R&R Estonian style involves mud baths in the town Pärnu (check map again). I leave tomorrow morning for my afternoon appointment at the Tervis spa, where I plan to be covered in the healing mud of Ermistu Lake. I'll let you know how it goes, but there will be no pictures because: 1) why would you want pictures? and 2) my camera battery is dead and I haven't been able to find an adapter for my charger here (I thought it would be easy for some reason...). Hopefully pictures will return in Latvia!


patentexaminer said...

hey, remember that time in s.f. at knob hill when you walked into the sauna to find me in my bathing suit with a whole bunch of naked ladies? you said something like "eeehhh...yaaaa" and then turned around and walked right back out. haha.

cg said...

hheeeyyy...was that when I got my heavenly massage & wanted to ask my female masseuse for her number?

patentexaminer said...

HAH! Yes, and I'll refrain from quoting you right after that heavenly massage... so your work won't have to block the blog.

Julia M. said...

p.s. I've since warmed up to saunas, but I'm not sure about the mud baths. Only afterwards did I find out that mostly older people do it for aching joints and such things... it did seem to help with the mild cold I had ;-)