Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blogging on the bus to Riga

How cool is it that I have WiFi on the bus from Pärnu to Riga?! I deliberately chose this bus because I read that it is the luxury line with internet (+outlets to plug in your computer) and coffee machines. So I blog on the bus with coffee in hand. There are no pictures for this blog, but not because I couldn't find an adapter in Pärnu (I found one!) but because I left the cord to upload pictures in my suitcase, which is currently stowed under the bus. I decided to do a quick blog anyway, because - how cool is it to blog on a bus?!?! (Can you tell that I think this is really cool?) You may or may not have noticed that all my travel in Estonia has been by bus, not by train. It seems that travel here, and perhaps all over the Baltics is better and more convenient by bus.

I'm leaving Pärnu, which is Estonia's vacation/resort town. A tourist brochure declared it "Estonia's summer capital," since Estonians flock to its beaches and spas during summer months. Well, it's still early for vacationers, so the town was a bit quiet yesterday and today, but still nice. This is one place, I must say, where I was glad to speak Russian. On more than a couple of occasions I encountered people who spoke very little or no English and it certainly made it easier to speak Russian. I guess that contrary to what I wrote before, it seems that not everyone here speaks Estonian, Russian and English fluently, but rather the older generations speak Russian (they were required to take it for many years in school) but not necessarily English, and most of the younger people speak English, but not necessarily Russian. There is also a sizable population of Russians (in Tallinn, mostly) who often don't speak Estonian that fluently (since there are Russian schools, they don't really have to learn it).

I took a lot of pictures in Pärnu, so stay tuned for odd sculptures, Estonian food, the beach, the market, and buildings that are not pink.


cg said...

MAN! I want to blog on a bus!! I love reading your posts. Seriously. And work does not block your blog, so that makes me very happy!

iwanagain said...

Yes. Blogging on a bus = very cool. I could only blog on a bus if it crashed into a local coffee shop, and apparently, I'm not lucky enough for that to happen.

Very nice blog. You're a good writer!

iwanagain said...

And who's CG? Is Carolyn posting?!

porter867-5309 said...

Awesome that 2 of your favorite things are technology while in motion and the ability to spill all over said technology with coffee on the bus. Yesssss.

Julia M. said...

Chris - didn't you know that Carolyn has a double life where she works and everything? ;)

iwanagain said...

So that's where she goes everyday. The next thing you know, she'll be tramping around Latvia, picking up old dudes in Speedos, and blogging on a bus. I'll be like, "Dinner's ready.. Hey. Where did Carolyn go?"

That beach looked awesome. Too bad the tourists weren't there yet. That place looks pretty and fun!

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