Saturday, May 31, 2008

Linguistics in Tartu

Well, I've been at a Linguistics conference for three days and I will finally give my presentation tomorrow (at 9:30 am, yuck!). Note that I'm writing a blog tonight, right before my presentation, which some of you might recognize as my old habit of procrastination. Anyway, not much to say travel-wise as I have been listening to linguistics talks for most of my visit. I do like Tartu so far, more than Tallinn actually. It's a college town and I clearly have an affinity for college towns, so that may be part of what I like.

Hmmm.... what can I say... Well, for all those with interests in morbid things, I witnessed a car-motorcycle accident yesterday. As I walked out of my hostel around 9 pm I saw a car spinning after hitting a motorcycle about a half-block from me. At the end of the street I could see the poor motorcycle driver lying flat on the ground. He had apparently flown off his bike. I'm not sure exactly what happened, though. And sorry, no pictures.

After our conference dinner tonight my new physicist friends from the conference (yes, I managed to befriend the only non-linguists at a linguistics conference) showed me a crooked building in the town square. I'm standing in front of the building in the picture. I also took a few more pictures of Tartu when I managed to slip away from the conference.


Sandra said...

Are there a lot of pink buildings there?... or am I imagining...
Thanks for not photographing the tabloid material.... that would be creepy.

cg said...

ha! you found physicists! we are such a nice breed. :)

good luck on your presentation!