Thursday, May 29, 2008

From Tallinn to Tartu

Now I am in Tartu, Estonia for a linguistics conference. I left Tallinn yesterday evening by bus. It only took about 2 and a half hours to get here. Here's a map of Estonia so you can see Tartu with respect to Tallinn (the capital):

Before I left I walked around Tallinn some more: click here for more pictures. Mostly with another American I met in the hostel. He is an expat living in Denmark, who makes a living giving lectures on random topics that he has developed expertise in (but he's not a professor). He gave his latest lecture on crop circles in St. Petersburg, Russia, and was traveling through Tallinn on his way back to Denmark. (NB: Denmark is the smallish country sticking off the top of Germany on the left side of my Eastern Europe map - it's unmarked.) Mom, since you expressed interest in crop circles, he gave me these sites for you to look at:

- What is apparently the best site on crop circles
- The guy's own site on crop circles

Otherwise I just walked around, saw the Gulf of Finland, tried a piece of elk meat at the market in town, and also found out what Estonian recycling receptacles look like:

But now I am in Tartu skipping the first half day of my conference. I'm going in after lunch to see a professor from Middlebury give a talk, but the stuff I really want to go to starts tomorrow (plus I really wanted to sleep in this morning!).

Not much to say about Tartu yet, except that my hostel is nice. I have my own room with a bathroom and a kitchenette. I also have an ethernet connection to the internet and a TV. Now I'm going to get back to drinking my Nescafe, which is just coffee-flavored water, as far as I can tell.


Sandra said...

So, basically, I'm just really really jealous. So, I'm going to go have another cup of PEETS coffee...

porter867-5309 said...

I love coffee-flavored water. It's my fave ;-)
This is a pic I took for you now, as I following your blog, dreaming about your tasty swill.

iwanagain said...

What an interesting recycling receptacle. Was it a destination type place for locals or was it along the street for pedestrians? What a cute place. I'd love to hear what they had at market, besides elk meat. Did you like it?

Have a good time and learn lots of stuff. Hope your presentation was a success.